"Big Five" Personality Profiles

What it is

The "Big Five" is the most current, valid and reliable means of assessing personality. It is rapidly becoming the primary means of understanding and interpreting personality in today's modern workplace. The Big Five and its many support materials can be used in progressive companies for teambuilding, selection, management training, leadership development, 360-degree feedback, career coaching and more.

How the "Big Five" can be used

The JESCLON Group, Inc. will provide everything you need to administer your Human Resources Administration with the exception of payroll and benefits. The components of the "Turn Key" include:
  • Team Effectiveness Training
  • Individual Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Career Counseling
  • Relationship Enhancement
  • Selection
  • Workforce Diversity
  • Team Building
  • Training Design
  • Management Training
  • Team Problem Solving
  • Assertiveness
  • 360-Degree Feedback

What is Provided

A choice of two personality inventory instruments: The NEO-FFI, a 60-question instrument which can be used for team building and professional development, or the NEO PI-R, a 240-question instrument which measures the five traits as well as each trait's six separate facets. The NEO PI-R (longer version) is recommended for use in higher-risk projects , such as personnel selection and work behavior measurement.

Benefits and Results

The Big Five has the reliability of all available personality inventories, with a high acceptance of personal results by people tested. Unlike Myers-Briggs or some of the quadrant systems you may have used in the past, the Big Five is valid and does not label participants with a letter or a technical acronym.

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