Workforce Diversity


To provide you with a process to help management and employees address the dynamics of today's ever-changing workforce. We can provide more than just training or a train-the-trainer program that focuses on how to make employees feel good at work. Our focus is on addressing the needs of your business and the impact changing demographics may have on your bottom line. We provide a customized process designed to improve communications and workplace relationships by encouraging and biases and their impact on business and personal relationships.

What is Provided

An assessment of your business practices, procedures, and policies, to determine employee and workplace issues; a working session with your senior management team to develop a strategic plan for instituting a process with specific measurable goals; a comprehensive education program which will identify the need of your employees and clients in relation to your business goals and objectives, including, but not limited to:

  • Diversity defined
  • An Overview of the Changing Demographics
  • Group exercises
  • Values assessment
  • Developing Personal Action Plans
  • Recommendation to Improve the Work Environment
  • Developing a "What's Next" Analysis

After training, "after-care" follow-up consultation services are provided for assistance in ensuring process growth.


Your Management Team and employees develop a process that is designed specifically for your business, not just exercise that employees will label as the"program of the month." Your active participation in t he development of goals and activities ensures a process to heighten the sensitivity of managers and enhance their ability to understand and appreciate the characteristics that make employees and clients different from each other.

How we'll get started

The JESCLON Group, Inc. will consult with your Management Team to determine the strengths and weakness of the target group. We will then customize a training program that builds on the established strengths that are working and develop those skill areas needing improvement. After the selected improvement areas are identified a tailored program will be implemented to meet your business needs. We will support implementation with classroom training and one-on-one review and feedback to ensure comprehensive and effective application.

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