Employee Attitude & Climate Surveys


The Employee Attitude and Climate Survey is an excellent communication and feedback tool which provides you with crucial organization improvement information. Use it to assist your analysis of your organizational climate and employee perceptions and address potential problems. For this purpose, The JESCLON Group, Inc. has developed the employee Attitude & Climate Survey to provide you with an instrument that will develop a complete and effective analysis of your company's employer-employee relations.

What is Provided

A customized survey instrument which lets you structure an attitude or climate survey to measure issues of special importance to you. We will assist you in developing a survey from a choice of over 140 questions from 13 climate dimensions. They are:

The survey can be developed to self-administer by your staff or, at your option, we will provide survey administrators. Either way, we can provide a process that will provide a way for you to collect employee information that permits an employee's identity to remain confidential.


Our statistical analysis allows you to compare your responses by department, section, location and workforce demographics. The usefulness of the surveys lie in their ability to depict perceived strengths and weaknesses around you-resulting in the weaknesses being corrected, and the strengths growing stronger.

How we'll get started

We will meet with select members of your management team to pinpoint the specific needs of your company and discuss both the positive and negative aspects of conducting an attitude and climate survey. Our professionals score and analyze all survey data and prepare an easy-to-interpret report consisting of a narrative overview, graphic and statistical tabulations, write-in comment transcript, and recommendations.

We will also meet with the members of your senior management team to review survey results and discuss feedback options.

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