Management/Supervisor Skills Training


This comprehensive training program enhances the skills of managers and supervisors to permit them to deal effectively with today's diverse workforce. This program covers every aspect of management and supervisory requirements, from the most basic skills to some of the most complex human resources situations, and focuses on practical application versus a theoretical approach.

What is Provided

Skills in the following topic areas are developed through use of studies, role-plays, group activities and facilitator feedback.

  • The Emerging Role of Management
  • Communications That Get Results
  • Targeting Employee Performance Improvement
  • Discipline That is Positive and Fair
  • The Manager as Leader Managing Within the Law
  • Motivation & Getting Employees to do What They are Supposed to do
  • Managing Employee Complaints-An Opportunity for Morale, productivity and Quality Improvement


Our program focuses on the building of trust and confidence between managers and employees by constantly emphasizing the importance of effective communications, consistency, and fairness. As with all our offerings, this training addresses the importance of employee involvement, ownership, and participation in business processes and career development. Positive employee morale is directly impacted by the effectiveness of super visors and managers. Our training specifically addresses the characteristics and behavior necessary to enhance and sustain positive morale, and improve productivity and quality.

How we'll get started

The JESCLON Group, Inc. will consult with your Management Team to determine the strengths and weakness of the target group. We will then customize a training program that builds on the established strengths that are working and develop those skill areas needing improvement. After the selected improvement areas are identified a tailored program will be implemented to meet your business needs. We will support implementation with classroom training and one-on-one review and feedback to ensure comprehensive and effective application.

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