Team Work/Team Building


To build productive, efficient, high-performing work teams in the workplace. Critical components necessary for building effective work teams are identified, processed, and related back to the workplace through discussion and experiential activities. Other objectives include improving experiential activities. Other objectives include improving the ability of people to work together, examining your current environment, and identifying strengths and areas needing improvement in the workplace.

What is Provided

Personality profiles that help to match individual work habits and styles to personality traits to help build strong teams that work effectively together. Hands-on training is provided to teach team members how to solve problems as a group, resolve conflicts, and work towards achievable objectives. Team members are guided through the concepts of effective team-work by our facilitation of experiential activities and exploring workplace challenges.


Effective work teams improve the performance, quality, teamwork, and customer satisfaction of an organization. Not only are participants able to identify the key elements in team development, they are able to practice what they learn. As with all our offerings, this program emphasizes effective communication, trust-building, and effective work values.

How we'll get started

Recognizing that each company is unique, we will first meet with key members or your Management Team and team members to identify your distinct requirements. Together we will select the programs and services to meet your team requirements. After the programs and services have been selected The JESCLON Group, Inc. will meet with the team Department Head to ensure the programs and services selected are consistent with your company practices. Measurable team objectives will be established, and The JESCLON Group, Inc. will work with your team to assure that programs and systems are understood, accepted, and properly implemented.

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